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Service Fees

EZToRegister com fees are generally lower than our comptitions. You have the option to absorb the entire service fee, pay a portion of the service fee, or pass the service fee on to your client. The service fee is secured online credit card or e-check processing. Our team will help you set up your registration form and answer questions about the best way to present registration. Below are options when deciding service fee allocations:

Registration Amount


Flat Fee

Under $50.01


$            1.60

Under $200.01


$            1.60

Under $500.01


$            5.60

Under $10,000.1


$            7.60 


  • Event pays the service/transaction fee in total. For example, for a $25 charge to the Registrant, the service fee will be $3.10 per transaction.
  • Event pays a portion of the service/transaction fee and the Registrant to pay a portion of the service fee. For example, for a $25 charge to the Registrant, the service/transaction fee of $1.50 is paid by Event and $1.60 is paid by Registrant.

Please contact us for the lowest online registration rates!

Larger events of 2,500 or more receive special discounted rates.